Septic Pumping Southern Indiana

Septic Tank Cleaning

Preventive maintenance is the key to a long lasting and proper functioning septic tank. Pumping out a septic tank is the only way to keep prevent your tank and lateral lines from failing. Call A1 Porta Potty today to schedule your septic pumping in Southern Indiana.


Septic Tank Cleaning Company

Governing bodies and industry veterans recommend cleaning out your septic tank every 2 or 3 years. The suggestion comes from an equation of how much wastewater a typical family produces in a years time. The equation calculates the amount of sludge in a tank to reach a maximum capacity of 30% of the entire volume of the tank. A family of four can potentially hit the 30% tank capacity in 1.5 years.

We know that thinking about cleaning your septic tank is not a top priority. We just flush our toilets and take where it goes for granted. Then one day liquid and waste start backing up into your house and it is too late. Don't let a small fee once every few years cost you a large fee.