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Luxury Restroom Trailer Louisville, Ky

Mobile Bathrooms for Rent

Mens Side

  • 1 Urinal, 1 flushable Toilet and Sink with hot water.

Womens Side

  • 1 Flushable Toilet and Sink with hot water.

Heating and Air

  • Bathroom is equipped with heating and air conditioning.


Luxury Porta Potty

This 2 seater contains a spacious mens and womens side. Both sides are decked out with Rustic Barnwood cabinets and light wall colors. The amenities for this trailer include air conditioning, exterior occupancy light indicators, a central stereo system and exterior lights for night events. All these amenities make it a perfect fit for upscale events and weddings.

The exclusive women’s side provides users with a flushable toilet and a custom sink with hot and cold water. It also equipped with a mirror and counter space for those makeup touchup moments or a place for your guests to set their purse. The private men’s side is made up of a flushable toilet, a wall mounted urinal and a sink with hot and cold water.

The mobile restroom trialer measures 11’L x 6’W. Making it a perfect rental for small spaces. We recommend this bathroom be used for events that have 200 or less guests.