Hand Sanitizers

Rentable Hand Sanitizers

Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or festival, A1 has you covered. Hand sanitizers are the perfect addition to keep germs at bay. When running water isn’t available, rent a hand sanitizer from A1 Porta Potty.

Event Sanitation Solutions

Indoor and outdoor events should all be equipped with hand sanitizing stations for guests. Whether your event has messy food being served or just crowds of people using porta potties, supplying antibacterial/antiseptic sanitizing gel will give patrons the opportunity to stay germ free.

Our sanitizing stands are delivered with two antibacterial sanitizing gel bags installed and ready for use. They are small and can be easily placed throughout your event. Allowing quick sanitization when someone needs it.

COVID or Flu season hitting your office hard? Rent a sanitizer stand to help stop the possible spread of germs. Easily placed in a lobby or high traffic area, our sanitizers can help promote health and wellness in your facility. Be proactive by renting a sanitizer stand from A1 Porta Potty today.

Starting At $100 Month

  • Dual Dispensers on Single Post
  • Light Weight for easy movement
  • Easy to Fill and Refill
  • Granite Finish
  • Alcohol-free antiseptic foam

Foam Sanitizing Dispenser

Our mobile hand sanitizers are more than convenient. They are a down right lifesaver at large festivals and events. Our customers typically place these portable hand sanitizers in strategic places that benefit the patrons. Popular places include food vending areas and the exits of restrooms.

Renting a Hand Sanitizer

Our double sided hand sanitizers are convenient for more than just events and festivals. They are also perfect for offices, hospitals, restaurants, fitness centers, schools, warehouses, supermarkets, or other indoor venues. Renting a hand sanitizer from A1 Porta Potty is an easy process. It only requires one phone call to our office. Our team will take your information and get your sanitizing station delivered right out to your location.

Hand Sanitizers for Rent

Allowing visitors or employees access to properly sanitize their hands on the go is a benefit for everyone. Prevent sicknesses from spreading through your facility by renting a hand sanitizer dispenser from A1 Porta Potty.

Rent a Single Porta Potty

At A1, we are trying to break the idea of a stereotypical dirty porta potty. Cleanliness is our top priority. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure our restrooms stay as clean as the day they were made. If you are planning on renting one or more of our portable toilets for more than a month, we can set up a weekly cleaning schedule so that your toilets stay clean for the entirety of their use.

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