Temporary Fencing for Events

Rent Temporary Fence Panels

Directing event attendees in the direction they need to go is easy with temporary chainlink fencing from A1 Porta Potty. Have a layout of how to section off your event, call A1 Porta Potty to get a quote on your fencing.


Event Temporary Fencing

Control the flow of your event with temporary fencing from A1 Porta Potty. Chain link fencing panels and gates are the perfect option to direct event goers to entrances and exits in an orderly fashion. The great advantage of temporary fences is the ability to place them exactly where you need them. They can also be used as a visual break.

Privacy Fencing

Sometimes private events and concerts are in very public areas in Downtown Louisville. To keep events secure and non-paying individuals from seeing what is taking place, event organizers can surround the event area with temporary fencing with added privacy screens. The privacy screen is a tightly woven fabric that creates a visual barrier.

Privacy Screened Fencing

Create a visual barrier for your event. Perfect for events located in a populated areas. Keep the general public from seeing what is taking place inside the fenced in area. Not only used in event fencing, the screen can be used for temporary construction fencing as well.

Panel Fencing for Rent

The A1 Porta Potty team has the experience in installing temporary fencing for events and festivals in Southern Indiana as well as Louisville, Ky. We can help you make decisions pertaining to where the fencing panels should be installed. Let our experience work for you and your event.