Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tank

We supply fresh water (85g) tanks for use in office trailers mostly. That water after it is used is contained (along with Toilet water) in our 300g waste water holding tanks until we come to pump it out.

Our 300 gallon holding tanks are great for holding water and waste water on your job site.

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  • 95″ L x 53.5″ W x 16″ H
  • Heavy Duty Thick Walled
  • Numerous Plumbing Configurations
  • Easily Concealable
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Light Weight for Easy Placements
  • No Threaded Pipes

Portable Holding Tanks

Construction sites sometime require more than just porta potties. Portable restrooms and shower facilities are typically set on longterm construction projects. Our 250 gallon portable storage tanks are designed specifically to hold waste when onsite plumbing is not available. Think of our holding tanks as an above ground septic tank. They hold your waste and we pump your septic tank on a schedule depending on how fast you fill it.

Renting an above Ground Holding Tank

Keeping your construction team on task and on deadline is your job. Don’t let the small details of renting a portable restroom and holding tanks take your mind away from the job-at-hand. The A1 Porta Potty team can solve all of your job site waste management needs in one phone call. Our experienced technicians can put together a waste plan to cover every aspect of your needs. You stay focused on completing your job on-time and let A1 worry about your sanitation.

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