Fresh Water Holding Tanks

Rent a Single Event Porta Potty

Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or festival, A1 has you covered. Our porta potties are top of the line and come with a variety of features perfect for any occasion.


Portable Water Tanks

Construction sites with portable restrooms, mobile offices and shower facilities need a water source so toilets and sinks function properly. The problem is, in the beginning phases of a construction project, there is typically not an onsite water source. That is where A1 Porta Potties waste management service experience can help you keep your jobsite functioning.

Renting a Water Tank

Our sanitation team can help you choose the proper amount of water tanks you may need to keep your portable toilets flushing. The only thing you need to do is give our office a call. A1 can handle installation, setup and the filling of your portable water tanks. Give our team a call today to get started.

fresh water holding tank

Starting At


  • 60″ Tall x 23" Around
  • 110v Electrical Pump
  • 1" Draining Valve
  • 10" Access Panel for Cleaning
  • Semi-Transparent for Fill Level
  • 46lbs Empty
  • Easy Installation

Water Supply Tanks

The days of loud water pumps and large water hoses running across job trailers are no longer. Our water delivery systems are compact and are ran with small hoses. Our tanks are so small and light that they can be fitted into small closets and tiny spaces.

Pumping Water from a Tank

Our 93 gallon water tanks are equipped with a 110 volt plug to power the water pump. The first installation on a job site is typically a temporary electric service. The service panel powers the job site trailers and can be used to power the water pump. The water pump is mounted on top of the water tank to keep the entire portable water system as compact as possible.

Filling with Water

Adding 93 gallons to a water tank with a garden hose would take a long time. Our rentable water tanks are equipped with a 10" removable lid.

Concrete Dumpsters

Construction projects are never exactly the same. Some require demolition of concrete slabs or foundations before construction can actually begin. When a project requires concrete removal, A1 Porta Potty has concrete dumpsters specifically for heavy debris removal. We can set multiple roll off concrete disposal dumpsters on site to speed up the concrete removal process. You can fill one dumpster while we haul the other away. If dumpsters do not work for you, our fleet of dump trucks can be loaded on site to haul away your debris.

Dumpster for Dirt

Topsoil is a valuable asset that can be pulled off any construction site, residential or commercial. Removing topsoil is a very common practice. The nutrient rich dirt can be used in other locations to level areas. Not everyone can afford to hire a hauling company to truck out topsoil. Renting a dirt dumpster is an affordable option for small amounts of dirt. Our dumpsters can be set on site and filled by your operators. We can set more than one dumpster depending on how much dirt you plan on moving. If it is in the budget, our hauling team can set you up with dump trucks to make your project more along at a faster pace to meet your deadlines.

When you need a waste disposal company in Floyd, Clark or Harrison County that can handle anything that may arise during the construction process, A1 Porta Potty is your waste removal solution.

Water Storage Tanks

Having non-potable water on site makes it easy to maintain portable restrooms.

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