Construction Site Fencing

Temporary Fencing for Jobs Sites

Renting chainlink fence for a construction site not only protects the general public but it also protects your team of construction workers. Secure your job site in Louisville, Ky with temporary fencing from A1 Porta Potty.

Safety Fencing

Construction sites are chalked full of potential hazards and expensive equipment. Protect your team by installing temporary fence panels around the perimeter of your site to keep unwanted visitors out and construction debris in. Construction sites in Southern Indiana and Louisville are going up everywhere. The River Ridge project is booming in Jeffersonville, Indiana, while other large construction projects, like the soccer stadium in downtown Louisville, are getting close to being completed. Whether you are running a large construction site that needs 10,000 feet of chainlink for a year, or you are doing a roof tear off on a 3 story building in downtown Louisville and only need fencing for a week, A1 Porta Potty can provide and install temporary fencing for you.

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Construction Fence

Safety is the most important aspect on any construction site. But it is not just protecting your employees that matters. Construction companies are also responsible for protecting the general public from any possible hazards. A perimeter fence defines a boundary between a construction zone and a public area.

Construction Fencing Requirements

Commercial and Industrial work zones are required to follow strict laws set forth by federal and state governments. The typical minimum height of construction fencing is 6 ft.

Rent Construction Site Fencing

A1 has changed the way fencing application is installed. No other competitor is stabilizing fencing like A1. We provide stabilizing as part of the price quoted. This stabilizing can give you added protection and a piece of mind that wind from most storms will not blow your fence over onto equipment, into the road, or onto other persons property. We have countless contractors who request this stabilization so they do have to with or add to their list of to dos of blown over fence when getting to the job site after a storm. We also offer screen to the fence as well for the more privacy of the job site.

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