Small Porta Potty

Having mobility in a portable toilet is a luxury when space is limited. Our half pot portable restrooms are designed specifically for when space on a construction site is at a minimum.

Half Size Porta Pot

Sometimes on a construction site space is not a luxury. You may need a portable bathroom that fits through doors or can be loaded easily on a freight elevator. At only 34 inches wide, our high rise porta potty is designed to have as small of a footprint as possible.

Along with being extremely small, our high rise portalet is also very mobile. The large casters attached to the bottom of the mini restroom make rolling the pot around the job site a breeze. Now you can change locations of the restroom as construction is completed. Never be stuck with a porta potty in your way again.

Cleaning these portable toilets requires a little more planning than our typical jobsite porta johns. If located at the top of a high rise, our teams have to coordinate a time to bring them down using the freight elevators. Once they are down, cleaning them is a breeze and we can get them right back to work for you.

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  • Benefits of a Half Pot
  • Designed Exclusively for High Rises
  • Light Weight for easy placement
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Steel Frame for Extreme Durability
  • Installed with Crane or Elevator

Highrise Porta Potties

Interior build-outs on high rise buildings require specific needs compared to other construction sites. High rises only offer a few ways to get porta potties to specific areas of construction sites. Construction elevators are the most common form of bringing equipment to desired areas. These elevators offer limited height and width. That is why renting our specially designed, compact high rise portable restroom is a must.

Our small sized porta potty measures only 69″ tall x 33″ wide. The small stature is great for easy workplace mobility. The 4 large lockable casters makes moving the restroom through door ways and elevators an easy task. To save even more space, it is equipped with the urinal built into the back, while the toilet section is enclosed with a door in the front.

Sky Scraper Pot

When space is limited and a portable restroom is needed at the top of a building, our half pot can be lifted by a crane to the desired level of construction. With a metal bracket built into the molded plastic porta john, these portable toilets are safe and secure to send to the top of your building.

Rent a Half Pot Porta Potty

At A1, we are trying to break the idea of a stereotypical dirty porta potty. Cleanliness is our top priority. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure our restrooms stay as clean as the day they were made. If you are planning on renting one or more of our portable toilets for more than a month, we can set up a weekly cleaning schedule so that your toilets stay clean for the entirety of their use.

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