Crane Lift Porta Pot

Roof Top Restrooms

Need to take your porta potty to new heights? Rent a crane lift restroom from A1 Porta Potty. Our specialized porta potties are designed to be lifted to roof tops and other normally unreachable spots. Keep your roofers and construction team happy at any height with a liftable restroom.

Crane Lift Porta Pot

Solving your rooftop restroom conundrum is easy with a liftable porta pot from A1 Porta Potty. Our crane pots, as well as our half pots can be used for construction projects that go beyond a single level.

Our crane pots are the same size as your typical porta let. The only difference is our lift pots are equipped with a rigid frame that allows the pots to be hoisted to the top floor of your construction site with a crane. This allows your team members to have access to a restroom that doesn’t require trips up and down the buidling.

If your job site requires a restroom on the top floor but the building is enclosed, our small half pots can be delivered via a regular or freight elevator. While you are supplying your team with restrooms, A1 can also keep your team safe with a hand sanitizing station.

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  • 47″ L x 43.5″ W x 91″ H
  • Light Weight for easy placement
  • Maximum Ventilation to Eliminate Odors
  • Antiseptic hand cleanser and foam dispensers
  • Shelving with hooks
  • Door Mounted Mirror

Liftable Porta Potties

Building a high rise is a very unique construction project. While most typical construction sites only consist of a few floors, high rise buildings continue on into the sky. These projects require special needs when it comes to onsite restrooms. No construction worker wants to take 10 flights of stairs every time they have to use the restroom. This is where our crane pots shine. As your building grows higher in the sky, our porta cans can be lifted by onsite cranes to the top floors where construction is taking place. Trust our sanitation team to help you every step of the way with your high rise construction site waste needs.

Waste Management

Maintaining your portable restroom is our weekly commitment. Keeping your employees happy and productive while allowing your business to focus on the job at hand is our goal. Our company has grown based on our commitment to our customers. We understand that there are plenty of waste management companies in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana. We know that you can choose any of these porta potty companies. That is why we always come with our A Game. Our team is passionate about giving you the newest and cleanest porta potties around Kentuckiana. Our cleaning regimen is also second-to-none. When customer support and cleanliness are important to you, A1 Porta Potty is here to help.

Rent a Crane Lift Porta Potty

At A1, we are trying to break the idea of a stereotypical dirty porta potty. Cleanliness is our top priority. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure our restrooms stay as clean as the day they were made. If you are planning on renting one or more of our portable toilets for more than a month, we can set up a weekly cleaning schedule so that your toilets stay clean for the entirety of their use.

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